Yara CheckIT

In 2012 Yara International, the world’s largest fertilizer company, integrated scientific research with more than a century’s experience in agriculture to design an innovative app, called CheckIT. This app provides immediate answers for crop deficiencies into the farmer’s hands.

Yara CheckIT

The CheckIT campaign included a multi-layered internal and external cross platform national and international promotion. The campaign was managed in two phases, the first phase promoted the launch of the app followed by the maintenance phase which included a cross platform nationwide competition.

An effective combination of prominent agricultural print, radio and online platforms, were utilised to launch the CheckIT app to great success.


CheckIT cross platform marketing

The second phase continued to utilise print, radio and online media platforms but uniquely included a fully animated video, which was also translated into Spanish. This video was produced and uploaded to several online platforms. The video resonated well with the target audience and the app was downloaded many times as a direct result of the campaign.

The CheckIT campaign has been very successful to date with the second most application downloads worldwide. The product still enjoys regular exposure across all media channels – delivering on all predetermined goals.

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