We Grow

We gro - 3

In 2013 Twenty-Two Media was approached to introduce a new fruit export brand intended for the French, Russian and Asian shores. The brand was named We Grow. The client wanted to make it clear that they are fruit growers that export high quality fruit picked from their own farms for the international market.

The brief was to create a design for the fruit carton that would stand out in a room filled with other cartons and visually display the vision of the brand as well as represent its designated markets.

We gro - 4

The first port of call was to take a look at the colours and design styles associated with these three regions and incorporate a South African feel. Historically the colours of these distinct areas stand out as royal blue, bright red, canary yellow and rich black. The shapes used in their design styles are characteristically bold with little detail and an emphasis is placed on strong colours and lines.

We gro - 2

Keeping all these diverse elements in mind, we created our first design options.

From these designs and extensive research, the brand was developed into the striking black and plum colour palette of the “We Grow” carton that we have today.