Intelligent Inputs

When Farmsecure, the global Agricultural group of companies, extended its brand, a campaign titled Intelligent Inputs formed part of the strategy to market Farmsecure and its subsidiary companies as a holistic approach to farming. Integrating all the input companies in the agricultural value chain as an opportunity to increase profits, success and optimisation.

Intelligent Inputs

The intelligent inputs campaign was launched at NAMPO 2013, one of the largest privately organised and owned exhibitions in the world and the largest show of agricultural machinery and livestock in the southern hemisphere.

The concept of “Intelligent inputs” was developed in line with the Farmsecure business model and vision. Core to the company’s belief was that one cannot farm profitably without applying the right inputs at the right time, therefore reducing costs and increasing yields.

Radio, online and print platforms were utilised to reach target audiences with relevant and effective messaging combined with an interactive exhibition at NAMPO. Embracing the NAMPO 2013 theme, Technology for sustainable production, Farmsecure’s stand focused on approaching inputs intelligently to ensure profitable and sustainable farming practices.

The launch at Nampo was very successful with visitors to the exhibition reaching record figures. The feedback was positive and resulted in several business developments.