In 2014, FARM Limited approached Twenty-Two™ Media to develop a brand identity for FARM’s agricultural business management system called GeOrg™ or Geo-Organisation. The brief included the development of a multifunctional brand identity that could be applied throughout the look and feel of the system, it’s training and extension resources/elements, like presentations and or marketing materials.

An important part of the brief was to draw a visual correlation between GeOrg™ and FARM as being part of the same family of brands without infringing on the FARM look and feel. Unlike a retail brand, most of the extension elements of the GeOrg™ brand would be represented online, by being represented in the functionality of the system itself, meaning that the brand not only needed to represent the ethos behind GeOrg™ but also reinforce the functionality of the system and the users ability to easily engage with the systems interface.

The GeOrg™ system is a highly intricate management tool that manages most business information that occurs and on a farm during any given crop cycle, which is why visually appealing, easily understandable explainer and education materials was an important part of bringing the GeOrg™ brand to life.