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Film and the extinction of species

How many of you know that the African Penguin, also known as the Jackass Penguin (probably because their loud cries sound a bit like a donkey), could be heading for extinction? Catchlight, a broadcasting and media production company closely affiliated with Twenty-Two Media was recently commissioned by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums to […]


I recently returned from a short holiday in Arusha, Tanzania. Despite having worked in agriculture and travelled throughout Africa for the past 5 years, I was once again struck anew by the glaring reality that effects rural livelihoods and agricultural development in the continent. Like a broken record I could not stop myself from repeating […]


On Thursday night I was walking through OR Tambo International Airport on my way to a 21:00 pm flight when suddenly the entire airport went dark, there was a unanimous gasp of shock, which came from those in the airport, followed by mutterings as people started to complain, ‘Seriously they cut the power in the […]

Is mobile innovation Africa’s agricultural silver bullet?

The best catalyst for game changing technological innovation is facing the hardest problems. Africa, and in particular, the agricultural landscape, has some seriously hard problems to solve. Therefore it is the perfect laboratory to facilitate the development of these technologies. In recent years, we have seen many pockets of technologies being developed across the continent, […]

Agriculture en Vogue
Capital investment without working capital funding

In this first of a series of blogs entitled Agriculture en Vogue, I explore why agriculture is increasingly becoming sexy to investors and other unrelated industries, such as the hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries. Despite achieving en vogue status, capital flow into agriculture still faces many challenges and seemingly unbridgeable roadblocks. During the past 5 years […]

The rise of the Generation Y farmer

Satellites, drones, multispectral imaging and cloud computing… To some, these terms elicit images of a military operation, but surprisingly these are the words now used by a new breed of farmer, the Generation Y farmer. I fondly remember going to my cousin’s family farm over summer vacations as an eight-year-old boy. I used to be […]

Better Together

THE STORY OF AN INNOVATIVE FARMING APPROACH IN THE FICKSBURG AREA, SOUTH AFRICA Despite the daunting challenges facing many in the agricultural sector today, a small group of Ficksburg farmers are proving that the opportunities can far outweigh the obstacles. FARM Limited ( visited a farm in the Ficksburg area to explore this unique collaboration. […]